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Navigating Food Labels

Not sure how to navigate food labels? The best way to minimize your need to understand them is to avoid them all together and focus on whole foods. Not sure whats in that broccoli? Um, simple, its broccoli. Whats in that boneless chicken breast? Chicken. What about that carton of eggs? I’ll give you a hint…

That said, I do think its extremely important you understand some of the basics of reading food labels.



Rule 1:

More ingredients = More headache

If something has a TON of ingredients listed, that’s generally a pretty clear red flag. There is guaranteed to be at least 3-5 things on that list that you have ABSOLUTELY no idea what they are. Ask yourself if you are comfortable putting half a dozen unknown substances in your body. If you are, then consciously make that decision. Our body is our home and we must protect this house!

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