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MAD Fitness is an all inclusive health & wellness experience.


Designed by renowned fitness expert Michael Katz MS, this personal training studio is unlike any other.

Whether orthopedic exercise, general wellness or sports performance, every program is meticulously designed & tailored to your body to achieve your overall goals.

We are proud to be different & hope you join us in embracing the Method behind our MADness

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We meet you where you are in your wellness journey and build a personalized plan based on all the leading methods in the industry to get you results.

We use industry leader, Precision Nutrition to encourage healthy lifestyle habits and keep you accountable with our app.

Whether you want to look better, feel better, or a little of both,

our trainers have your back  (and your abs too ...)

Our world class trainers will build a custom movement routine or nutrition plan specifically to fit your needs, restrictions, lifestyle and most importantly help you stick with it.

  • 24/7 Coach access

  • Daily nutrition lesson

  • done for you workouts

  • Health resources

  • mobile friendly app


Orthopedic exercise

By Appointment Only

This is the 1st step post physical therapy.  After you've been given clearance to exercise from your medical professional, we will work hand in hand with your rehabilitative professional to not only return you to how you were before injury, but rebuild you even stronger.


semi personal training

By Appointment Only

This is personal training without the price tag. 

Team up with 1, 2, or 3 other individuals for your personal training sessions but you will get YOUR OWN PROGRAM, not follow a workout of the day format.  Everything is personalized to your needs, including the budget.

Semi-Private Training offers all the same benefits as Personal Training, but instead of working 1-1 with one of our expert trainers, you will be working out alongside other individuals who are also semi-private clients. Your workout will still be 100% individualized to meet your specific needs and goals and can be modified at any time. You will not be given the exact same workout as others who are working out at the same time.


mobile @ Home Training

By Appointment Only

Not a gym person? No problem.  Even though our studio is completely private and non-threatening, we get it.  Sometimes your just looking for the convenience factor.  That's why we have a fully equipped fitness truck that will go directly to your location saving you time and giving you elite training in the privacy of your own home.

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corporate wellness

By Appointment Only

We have partnered with Carefree livin wellness to bring fitness professionals right into your place of business and organize company wide classes and fitness challenges.  Have a spare room at your office or apartment complex? Let us transform it into your new favorite space.

Semi Personal
In Home
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