In order to play your best golf, you need to be fit for golf

Golf Fitness Programs are the best way to take your game to the next level, so that your body will be in its' best shape to make its best swing.

Golf facilities everywhere are trying to integrate these kinds of programs.

In the video below, leaders in the industry from the Titleist performance institute discuss this evolution:

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About Us

We believe the most important piece of equiptment you have is your body

We are the golf fitness experts in Bucks County PA. Our award winning facility professionals will thoroughly assess you on your mobility, stability, & fitness levels to determine the best path to improve your game.

Our TPI inspired screening process creates personalized programs, designed to reduce back pain, fatigue and injury risk while increasing control, club head speed and power, leaving you moving better, feeling better and playing better

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TPI Evaluations

Golf Performance

Exercise Programming




FIT - Once you have progressed to this stage, you are ready to transition into our fitness element; Functional Interval Training. These classes consist of what we call "foresomes" where you and up to 3 others play a round of our daily fitness course. You are more than welcome to continue 1 on 1 lessons for as long as you wish however to continue getting amazing results we do highly recommend adding in our classes at this point in your journey

GET - Information to get results. Training without assessment is just like throwing things at the wall. To be efficient and successful in your workouts, golf game, and in life, you need to have some kind of direction. Our assessments include all the most respected evaluations in the industry to pave a roadmap to sustained success


By Appointment Only

This is the 1st step in your Mad Fit Journey, and is critical to your success.

Day 1:

  • A functional movement screen to learn the uniqueness of how you move anatomically through all planes of motion and what imbalance may exist

  • A performance based screen that evaluates the entire body and how it relates to the golf swing

Day 2:

  • A review of your results and demonstration of your mobility homework

  • A strength speed and power evaluation to determine where you're hiding untapped potential.

Mobility & Motor Control

By Appointment Only

Mobility & Motor Control are the building blocks to your golf game and your fitness.  In our mobility segment, we will give you drills to increase your range of motion, and movement quality.  Once a solid base is established, we can progress to stability and strength.

Activation & Stability

By Appointment Only

Adding a solid base of stability and strength is the next phase to increasing your distance & consistency.

Most people already have a solid base of strength in one plane of motion, but for rotational sports, you need to add strength crossing multiple planes to make your strength translate in your swing.  We focus on functional training and loaded movement training to achieve this in our strength series.

Deliver Power

By Appointment Only

Power is all about being explosive.  Once we have the appropriate mobility, stability and strength we can focus on building and delivering power in your golf swing.  Power is defined as force times velocity so we do a lot of speed work in this phase as well.


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Do I Self Assess

Check out the  analysis of MAD Fit Coach Michael and Coach U Strong, discussing best practices for self assessment