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Grocery shopping

Grocery Shopping can be tricky! So many things to catch your eye, and sway you one way or another to throw you off track. Go into your shopping trip with a clear plan. What are you looking for? Do you have a few recipes already picked out? What are the needed ingredients you down already own? Are their any healthy snacks you are hoping to get into the house? These are questions that should be answered and well defined before you even set food in the store.

Super market

Then, plan out your strategy. Organize your shopping list into the sections they will most likely be found in. Meats, Vegetables, Eggs and dairy. You may have heard this before but if you have set up your grocery list in a healthy fashion, you will find the majority of the items you need will be available on the PERIMETER of the store, and you may or may not even need to set foot in a single isle. The outside of the grocery store is where the fresher, refrigerated and whole foods usually are found.

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