Established by Michael Katz, a sports enthusiast and native of Philadelphia,

MAD Fitness was a project 15 years in the making.

Michael graduated from The University of Massachusetts before earning his Masters in Health Science and Kinesiology at Hofstra University. A licensed Health Educator, Michael briefly taught Health at the middle and high school levels in Long Island NY, before directing his full focus to the physical side of health.


A personal sports injury struggle inspired him to become a Certified Personal Trainer through the American Council of Exercise and an advanced certification as an Orthopedic Exercise Specialist.

Over the next 5 years, Michael trained as the lead trainer at the United State of Fitness, helping hundreds of clients improve their quality of life through corrective exercise.

Michaels background in athletics still got to shine however, as he also piloted several successful group fitness concepts, such as “Short Circuit” and “Cabata” a core strengthening class done in small increments. The results he was getting with the injured population, paired with his interest in how the body relates to athletic performance inspired Michael to further his education with T.P.I.  The leader in Golf Fitness, Titleist Performance Institute is known for educating the best players and coaches in the world on how to move more efficiently in the golf swing. Michael is one of only 4,000 certified TPI instructors worldwide

(and the only level 3 fitness instructor in the immediate area).


Months after completion, Michael accepted a new position at Purlife Fitness centers as Master trainer and began his practice as a Nutrition coach through industry leader, Precision Nutrition.  Michael also holds a Fitness nutrition specialty certification through A.C.E.  It was then he popularized the 2-month wellness challenge, 60 for 60, a comprehensive body transformation system that has yielded some incredible results. He additionally sought to expand his knowledge of Biomechanics with functional movement systems, a screen designed to identify compensatory movements patterns to reduce the risk of injury. FMS is used as the standard of assessment for workout programming in many professional sports such as the NBA.

Michael was soon promoted to Director of Personal training,

where he was appointed to lead 12 highly talented fitness professionals.

Michael served a year in this role, and while helping a team was rewarding, it was his next project,

"Flex Your MS Muscle" that gave him the most satisfaction and served as a catalyst for his next move.

Flex Your MS Muscle was a Group Fitness Fundraiser, for Multiple Sclerosis designed by Michael

in honor of a recently deceased member of his family.

Family is of utmost importance in Michael's life and besides that, if there's one thing personal trainers know the value of, it's time.

This is where MAD Fitness was born.

Michael relocated to Philadelphia PA, closer to the majority of his immediate and extended family.

In addition to the luxury of time with his family,

Michael was lucky to Partner with The Mad Golfer Golf Club,

Top Driving Range in Pennsylvania and Top 25 facility in the U.S


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