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-Fit for life client

Michael is an amazing young man. We started working together about three years ago. I had certain goals. Specifically to build some body strength and develop some muscle mass. Michael patiently began a program for me. His knowledge level, his professionalism, and personality all work together to make the experiences with him pleasant. It’s not all easy. Michael pushes but also encourages.  I have made significant progress At 71 I am more fit than at 61 or 51. I am stronger and have more confidence in my abilities I consider Michael a mentor and a friend!!


-Fitness client

I have known Mike since 2013, initially observing him as he trained others and later as my personal fitness trainer for the past 3 years. Throughout my long life, I have worked with many trainers and physical therapists for a variety of injuries.  Because I was trained to be a performing dancer, I am aware of the importance of knowledge based training and injury prevention.  Without reservation, I acknowledge that Mike has been consistently my best trainer in every aspect.  

Many of my trainers seemed to assume that the exercises that made them stand outs in their sport would work on most anyone else.  I assume they never had a serious injury.  
Mike's kinesiology and knowledge of anatomy are superb. As I have slight rotator tears in both shoulders, ACL knee issues and some back issues, working with me challenges him to modify exercises for limitations.  No two of my weekly sessions are very similar.  He changes it up to keep both my muscle memory very active and my 80 year old mind involved  He listens to me, remembers what I say and incorporates the feedback into workouts.  To accommodate my small structure, he provides foam blocks and other modifications.

Additionally, I appreciate that unlike most trainers, he gives me undivided attention, adjusting the angles of knees, elbows, etc.  Other trainers gaze about the room much of the time once they know their client.

Mike brings absolutely no personal baggage.   The lesson is prepared in advance; he is upbeat, optimistic and dependable.  He is a professional.

His relocation is my personal loss and will be another gym's blessing.  Mike will be greatly missed by many people.



Michael Katz has been a great personal trainer for me. I came to the gym just out of physical therapy due to surgery for a broken leg. Michael took the time to look at the exercise regimen from my physical therapist in order to understand the limitation of my injury so that he could guide me accordingly. During our sessions Michael adjusted exercises and monitored the pain/stress placed on the area of my injury. He asked about the particular range of motion and strength issues I was encountering and then designed specific exercises to address those issues always with an attentive eye to the right balance of challenge and discomfort management. Michael is knowledgeable. He explains the intention of each exercise and also gives sound nutrition advice. Many of the exercises he teaches actively engage multiple muscle groups at once. Michael is encouraging and shows an interest in his clients’ progress.

—  Suzanne Pother, Orthopedic Exercise Client

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