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The Full Story


Is it CRAZY to love fitness? We don't think so!

In fact, we've created a haven for people with such a passion. 

A place where you can train for anything from general health and wellness, 
to sports specific performance to reducing the incidence of injury. 

Where we evaluate you for a custom fitness or nutrition plan, and meet you where you are.

A place that cares much more about how you feel than how much weight you can curl.

Most importantly, where our mission is providing you a quality experience.

At MAD Fitness, there is a method behind our madness and we are excited for you to become a part of it!



MAD Fitness is a on a mission to change peoples perception of what a fitness experience should feel like, and raise the bar through higher quality training, relationship building and results of mental, physical and emotional health.



You are the only you. Your body moves different, you've had different experiences. You have different personal things going on in your life. You like being coached a certain way. We embrace that accordingly.


We care about our clients.

(Fondly refer to them as "frients") 


You deserve someone who is invested in your success. Who understands why this is important to you. We want to develop a relationship that we can celebrate your achievements, both in and outside the world of health.



We strive to overdeliver. Our staff are well trained and highly skilled coaches but more importantly are high quality human beings. We will go the extra mile to put you in a position to succeed in an enjoyable environment that leaves you feeling better walking out then walking in. 

YogaCouple_308728096 copy.jpg


We are passionate about Improving your well being and that means reducing the risk of anything to the contrary. We begin EVERY fitness journey with an evaluation, and never stop evolving.


Your session will be prepared in advance, start on time and you will be met with a well dressed, polite & knowledgeable trainer that will respectfully guide you through your workout.

  • Do you only train golfers?
    Absolutely not. We train anyone that wants to move better feel better or play better! :)
  • What is meant by Fit for Golf, Fit For Life?"
    Regardless of whether you are a Golfer, training like one will give you every skill you need for fitness in everyday life. Our lives exist in 3 dimensions. We turn twist twirl every which way. So why is most training done in 2, sitting on a chair, moving an object forward and back? We don't know either. You need to prepare your body for all facets of movement. That's what our training is all about. Our system can benefit any type of clientele if you are Fit for golf, you are Fit for life.
  • How much does it cost?
    We have packages for every type of client and every budget. All our programming is simply structured around monthly usage and based off of a combination of your goals and our assessment to not only torch calories but help you move better and feel better. Lastly if you're looking for a package that has a minimal investment, we do offer semi private training as well for a reduced rate so you can get high end training without the high end price. For more information, I recommend filling out our GET A QUOTE form
  • How long are the lessons?
    1 hour workouts are the standard but I also offer 40 minute high intensity sessions for more experienced clientele. This style is no BS, get in, get out, get results. For safety you must earn the right to start this program. 40 minute sessions are also offered in group format
  • How often do most people train?
    Most of our clients see us several times per week. We do offer 1 time per week if you require but recommend a minimum of 2 for maximum results.
  • How are the sessions structured?
    Sessions may be structured differently depending on your goals but most sessions begin by waking up the body and priming it for movement, containing some mobility or active warmup. Then some type of stability will be implemented in direct relation to the goal of the session. From there we move to our primary movements of the day, which might include foundational movement patterns to work on strength or power before cooldown. This system is in place to reduce incidence of injury and yield maximal results
  • Do you offer any discounts?
    Yes! In addition to our promotions, we always offer special discounts for: -Military -Older Adults (70+) -Teachers -Police/Fire/EMT (Let us know who referred you as some of our affiliations may lead to additional promotions)
  • How do I get started?
    We are stoked that you want to get started! Everything begins with a discovery conversation followed by a fitness assessment We do assessments with all of our clients, not only to keep them safe, but to learn about how they move so we can design the most efficient program for their needs. Simply fill out one of the forms on this website and 1 of our team members will be in contact with you shortly. If your so excited that you cant wait, you can reach us directly at 215-357-1622 or stop in at 114 street road southampton pa
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