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Michael Katz

Owner / Director of Personal Training

  • Licensed Teacher Grades K-12 from the State of New York

  • Masters of Health Science & Kiniesiology from the State of New York

  • Certified Health Educator from the State of New York

  • Certified in Orthopedic Exercise from the American Council of Exercise

  • Certified Personal Trainer from the American Council of Exercise

  • Certified Exercise Nutritionist from the American Council of Exercise

  • Certified Nutrition Coach through industry leader Precision Nutrition

  • Certified Pain Free Performance Specialist PFPS

  • Certified Post Rehabilitation Training Professional

  • Certified Functional Strength Coach from Mike Boyle

  • CPR/AED Certification from American Heart Association

  • Certified Functional Movement Screen Practitioner via Functional Movement Systems

  • Certified Mobility Specialist through Functional Range Conditioning

  • TRX qualified Suspension Training Professional

  • Nationally Certified Kettlebell Instructor from Kettlebell Athletics

  • TPI Level 3 Certified Sponsored by Titleist Performance Institute


If you are looking for amazing results and a positive atmosphere you have come to the right place! My name is Michael Katz and as long as I can remember, I have always had 2 huge passions in my life:      1. Sports and Fitness 2. Helping others           I feel so fortunate to be able to combine these 2 passions when I am with my clients. The 2 categories of clientele I find especially rewarding are Back Pain and Senior Fitness. I myself suffered a sports injury in my back and am extremely knowledgeable on what works and what doesn't to decrease pain. Having experienced it first hand, I can empathize with how you feel and am motivated to improve your quality of life. My mother began a nonprofit organization to help Senior Citizens and I have been engrossed in assisting in that area ever since. Furthermore, seeing my grandmother struggle with Parkinson's, I learned at an early age the extreme importance of staying active On the other end of the spectrum I love sport specific exercise programming as well as high intensity exercise. Pushing my clients further than they thought possible in their sport or on their fitness path is extremely rewarding.  Whether your goal is sports performance, weight loss, injury recovery, or strength building, I hope to help you achieve your goals!

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