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Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Looking for a good template for your workouts during this time? I'll share ours. After our warm-up, this is the structure we use at MAD Fitness.

Maximize Mobility - Activate Stability - Drive Power -

Start with asking yourself what you are training today. That will inform which areas you should look to mobilize (& then activate)

After you stabilize the surrounding muscles, you can move on to your power phase.

(Everyone has their own system, we prefer having power BEFORE any of our strength work to maximize power output from fresh energy and more importantly, we feel too much fatigue from strength work prior to power may increase injury vulnerabilities. After power, move on to your core lifts)

Then you can finish up with your cool-down. Yes you COULD add a metcon finisher here but we recommend a separate day for conditioning if that's one of your main goals. More is not always better. We only have so much ATP(energy) to go around and if you programmed / performed the above properly, you already got yourself a heck of a session.

The MAD system is easy to remember & easy to implement. For more information or examples how to put this into practice, drop a comment below or send me a private message

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